FGtech EOBD2 supports Adblue & Ecu ECUs in BootBAM mode. Now it will be possible to operate on a wide range of heavy vehicles of the Volvo-Renault Truck brand. Below is the list of new updates:

New ECUs supported:

– Ecu- Continental TRW EMS2.2 Euro5 SPC5554 (Boot Bam)

– Ecu- Continental TRW EMS2.3 Euro6 SPC5674 (Boot Bam)

– Ecu- Continental TRW EMS2.4 Euro6d SPC5777 (Boot Bam)

– Adblue- Continental EMS ACM Euro5,6 SPC5534 (Boot Bam)

– Adblue- Continental EMS ACM2 Euro6 SPC5640 (Boot Bam & Jtag)

Checksum, Full Backup (Flash+Int/Ext. Eeprom)


Many more Fullmodes and Boot will be available soon.