Our tool for reprogramming Engine, gearbox and AdBlue control units


With Bench Plus+ you can trade bosch Edc16/Med9, M-EDC17 , MDG1, Delphi CRD3.xx, Continental Simos & SIDxxx.
Read & Write via pinout without opening the ECU


New FG Technology briefcase to keep your EOBD2 tool safe


Our graphic software for remapping and much more


FG Technology began its journey in 1984 focusing mainly on the development and the preparation of rally cars both from an electronic and a mechanical point of view.

We create tools for reading and reprogramming the control units of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery and boats.

EOBD2 is the complete tool that allows you to read and write control units with all the available options. You can operate on a wide range of vehicles from 2000 onwards through diagnostic socket and in various bench modes with a single tool.

Thanks to our experience we are able to provide you with a complex tool but at the same time simple to use.
This prerogative makes it perfect both for mechatronic neophytes who want to approach this world and mechatronics with extensive experience behind them.

Constant Development

Our team is constantly searching for new solutions to offer a updated product.

Check out our latest news!

Clone service function available in the new EOBD2 version!

FGtech EOBD2 supports the new function to clone ECUs equipped with Tricore processors. Bosch,...

Mercedes truck E6 now available in Fullmode & OBD.

FGtech EOBD2 now supports Continental MCM2.1 D3/D4 control units. Now you can work on Mercedes...

JCB telehandlers now available in OBD & Boot.

FGtech EOBD2 supports the DCM2.7AP control unit in OBD and BootBAM mode. It will now be possible...

Reading AdBlue Mercedes and Delco GM in bench.

FGtech EOBD2 supports Adblue & Ecu ECUs in Bench mode. Now it will be possible to operate on a...

Volvo-Renault truck AdBlue reading now available!

FGtech EOBD2 supports Adblue & Ecu ECUs in BootBAM mode. Now it will be possible to operate on...

Continental GPEC2,2A,3,4,4LM now available!

FGtech EOBD2 supports GPEC2,2A,3,4,4LM ECUs in BootBAM mode. Now it will be possible to operate on...

New OBD, Bench, FullMode & BootMode protocols available.

FGtech EOBD2 now supports new ECUs in various modes, the list of new updates is shown below: New...

New OBD protocols for Scania S Series EMS10 and PSA vehicles with BlueHDI engines

FGtech EOBD2 now supports the Continental EMS10 / CEM1 Scania ECU in OBD. The reading of the ECU...

New Benchmode for Ecu Delco equipped on GM and Opel.

FGtech EOBD2 now supports Delco ECUs in benchmode. Now you can work on Opel & GM vehicles...

New innovative documentation interface for your EOBD2!

Great news! FGTechnology presents the new innovative manual for consulting the ECU instructions by...

Vehicle List

Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Agricultural Machines and much more, discover all the vehichles supported from our tool.


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