FG Technology EOBD2 is an innovative programmer of engine control units, automatic transmission and AdBlue, developed for chiptuning professionals and for those who want to get closer to this world.

Our instrument is the only one able to read and write through diagnostic socket, bench, in boot mode and in Bdm-Jtag all with a single device. This helps mechatronics to have a comfortable and performing solution that allows them to operate safely and quickly even off-site.

EOBD2 supports cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors and boats.

The Software is available in 17 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

You can purchase and upgrade EOBD2 exclusively in our lab. (Current version: FW80)

Our tool is available in 2 options:

EOBD2 Master

The EOBD2 Master version is suitable for those who wish to have complete control in the reprogramming of the control unit. You will have the possibility to perform simple and complex operations in the ECU processor without any limitations.

After reading the files, you can edit it with the Winmap software or in alternative with other editor software and run the necessary processes requested by the customer.

The size of the files read by EOBD2 are compatible to be edited by external software editors.


EOBD2 Slave

The EOBD2 Slave version is suitable for those who want to enter the world of Chiptuning but do not yet have the ability or the experience necessary to edit the files independently, then it will be based on mapping files made by the Master.

After reading the file with EOBD2 it is sufficient to send it to your Master, who will send it back to you with the chosen changes. Finally, just write the file in the Ecu to complete the processing.

You will be able to convert the tool from Slave to Master when you deem it necessary.


Bench Ultra is the new extension developed at the end of 2020, born from the growing need to perform backup readings on old and new generation ecus. To make substantial changes having backup files is increasingly a necessity, especially in case you want to restore the original file.

Thanks to this, Bench plus+ will allow you to quickly read and write Flash and Eeprom of the control units Bosch EDC16/MED9, EDC17/MED17, MD1/MG1, Delphi CRD3.xx, Continetal Simos and SIDxxx.

With this extension it is sufficient to disassemble the control unit and connect it through the pinout, without having to open it and solder it into the board, removing the possibility of damaging the ECU.

Many more ECUs available for this extension are on the way.


New Tricore cable connectors available.

Thanks to this new update, four types of connectors are available that will allow you to connect to any type of plug; from ECU plugs fitted on cars to heavy-duty vehicle ECUs that require specific connectors.

Finally, thanks to this new connection method, you will only have to replace the connectors when they are worn out without the need to replace the entire cable.


Our kit is composed of:

1. EOBD2 interface

2. ‘Standard’ adaptor

3. Bench Ultra

4. OBD cable

5. Volvo/Renault Truck adaptor

6. Tricore cable

7. Renesas cable

8. Rainbow flat Toyota

9. Rainbow flat

10. Flat BDM

11. BDM Bosch power cable

12. BDM adaptors

13. Various Pin strips

14. 12V Power Supply

15. USB Cable


With Winmap you can modify the file read with EOBD2 at your convenience.
The system is modular and consists of:

  • Basic software with file opening in the following ways:
  • Normal
  • Double Eprom
  • Siemens 1, Siemens 2 decript
  • Bosch ME7, ME9 decript
  • Decript EDC16 BMW, Peugeot
  • Bcb, Cbc, Swap
  • Views: 8bit, 8seg, 16bit, 16seg, 32 bit, 32seg, dec
  • Hexadecimal editor window with automatic search for exe and ascii 8,16,32 bits
  • Real-time check-sum calculation 8, 16.32 bit range
  • 150 CRC algorithms available petrol and diesel automatically
  • Automatic RPM and Load Display
  • Active 2D and 3D windows
  • Adjustable vertical magnification
  • Multiple Copy Paste
  • Autmatic Info N ° Control unit and software
  • Settings and database of files are open and can be created and modified by the customer
  • Software operating in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish
  • The software can be connected to an emulator in real time from 8/16 Bit up to 16 MByte
  • The software is connected to our EOBD2 interface


CarLabImmo is the developer of the industry-leading emulators and software aimed at repairing and modifying car ECUs, with main focus on immobiliser systems.