FGtech EOBD2 now supports benchmode and/or bootmode reading of various TCU control units for a wide range of vehicles. These control units are equipped on vehicles from Audi, VW, BMW, FCA group, PSA group, Jaguar, Land Rover, GM, Ford and Volvo.
In most cases reading and/or writing can be done directly via PINOUT without having to open the control unit.

♦ Reading (Flash+Eeprom)
♦ Writing (Flash+Eeprom)
♦ Chk – Recovery

Supported TCU list:

ZF 8HPxx Benchmode
Temic DL382 Benchmode
Getrag MPS6 gen1 Benchmode
Continental VGS2 FVCT Benchmode

ZF 9HPxx Bootmode
Getrag DC4 Bootmode
Continental AGS SQ100 Bootmode
Siemens GS20 Bootmode
Siemens EGS52 EGS53 Bootmode
Siemens TA2005 Bootmode

Mercedes Truck E6 MCM2.1 D3/D4