FGtech EOBD2 now supports bench reading in Bootmode of the Delphi CPC2 unit with TC1793 and TC1797 processor.
This Powertrain control unit allows you to access the optimization of the parameters of the torque and speed limiters and modify the fluid flow inside the intercooler in order to regulate the temperature of the intake air.

♦ Reading (Flash+Eeprom)
♦ Writing (Flash+Eeprom)
♦ Chk

Supported vehicles list:

Mercedes Class A W176 200d
Mercede Class B W246 180d
Mercedes Class C W205 220d
Mercedes Class CLA C117 200d
Mercedes Class GLC X253 250
Mercedes Class ML W166 400
Mercedes Class S W222 350

Mercedes Truck E6 MCM2.1 D3/D4