With the new Bench Plus+ extension you will be able to read & Write the following Bosch MD1/MG1 ECUs:



  • MD1CP001 SPC5777 VAG, Mercedes Benz
  • MD1CP004 SPC5777 VAG
  • MD1CP004 TC298TP VAG
  • MD1CS004 TC298TP VAG
  • MD1CP014 TC298TP VAG
  • MD1CS001 TC298TP BMW, Mini
  • MD1CP002 SPC5777 BMW
  • MD1CS003 TC298TP PSA
  • MD1CS006 TC298TP Dacia, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Nissan
  • MD1CS005 TC298TP Ford
  • MD1CS012 SPC5777 Hyundai KIA
  • MG1CS011 SPC5777 VAG
  • MG1CS001 SPC5777 VAG
  • MG1CS111 SPC5777 VAG
  • MG1CS002 SPC5777 VAG
  • MG1CS002 TC298TP VAG
  • MG1CS008 SPC5777 VAG
  • MG1CS008 TC298TP VAG
  • MG1CS003 SPC5777 BMW, Rolls Royce, Toyota
  • MG1CS201 TC298TP BMW Mini
  • MG1CS042 TC298TP PSA
  • MG1CS016 TC275TP Ford
  • MG1CS019 TC298TP Ford
  • MG1CP002 TC298TP Mercedes
  • MG1CS024 TC298TP BMW
  • MG1CS015 TC277TP Ford
  • MG1CS017 TC277TP Ford


With this extension it is sufficient to remove the ECU from the vehicle and connect it from the pinout.

A lot more ECUs coming soon with this extension.